Saturday, 24 November 2007

A Story to Share

On 24th nov 1985, a bright pretty gal was born. At 5, her parents sent her to tadika tmn maju jaya n there she met a short skinny gal n they became gud frens. they even landed the role of grandmother (bright pretty gal) and lil red riding hood (short skinny gal) in the kindergarten concert. fate made them share the same babysitter n they had their best moments in the bathroom... bathing tgt. (jgn fikir bukan-bukan, not yet puberty ok!) wat they did were act...
scrub the floor wif soap so that they cud glide on the slippery floor,
clog the hole to make a mini swimming pool.

After that they went to diff skool n din contact each other that often. short skinny gal only get to know that the bright pretty gal had a bf while bumping into the couple at Sogo CHILDREN’s department in the moz awkward situation! But no matter wat happens, there’s alwiz 1 place that wil bring them tgt…

TMN MAJU JAYA's PASAR MALAM... asam laksa n bubble tea=)

A dedication to AMY,


=barberBarbara= (i cut hair for dear today.. again, he din look very satisfied.. again, oopsie~ tried my best liao.)


EdmondLee said...

i am satisfied!

lin said...

how i know wor.. u keep frowning when looking into the mirror.. nx time give sum compliments la=P

Pooi Yin said...

wa, shai ming ar? i dun have dear lei, can take care of my feeling?!