Monday, 5 January 2009


those were the days when i juz had to guai guai dei sit thru eos exams n a long holiday wud b there waiting for me. u know juz like... rite there!


cny is around the corner n v all chinese at hpsf dah kiasuly berebut-rebut to take leave. how la lidat?!

wat if i take cho 3 cho 4 cho 5?... doink! in my dreams. no i don even get to dream often. hmm does that mean i don have enuf REM sleep? izzit bad? am i overworked? watever.. 3 consecutive day offs.. i can c pn. yati stamping a big BERAMBUS! TAK MUNGKIN DILULUSKAN! on my borang cuti.

wat if i take cho 3 cho 4? deng! then come back muar on thurs nite work on friday then after work go back kl again! wah! gam hou hei! i wudn't mind if the distance back to muar is like my house to imu or if mayang sari is like donald trump's limousine wif a driver as handsome as daniel wu. delays. dirty seats. rude drivers wif dental caries. man the reality is alwiz harsh.

wat if i take cho 3? harh... 1 day leave where got enuf ? pack n go back muar on cho 3.. when every1 is stil munching pineapple tarts kue ka pek spitting out gua zhee's shell bz gambling n collecting ang pau n i'll b working my ass off in the ward... huuuu! samo less ang pau less income aiyoooo. y am i so pathetic?


n then cny's eve need to eat reunion dinner samo! huuu... last yr i miss the reunion dinner n i have a bad feeling i may b missing it this yr... ohhhh NOOOOOO~! cos i have TDM ON CALL til 1pm! y la y muz i have the shift at THAT weekend of all weekends.... the hosp is working fine ALL THESE YRS w/o this shift n y do they even need to start it at jan 2009?! the very month wif cny!

isn't that 1 silly shift? juz make every1 tag at tdm so those doing the bekalan wad can come do the emergency tdm la. not like there's a lot sample to run on the weekends. don care die die oso muz find ppl ganti... but who else bside faris... WHO ELSE... HOU FAN AH!

n then i'm teochew nang need to bai tee gong. how can i miss bai tee gong la rite? the roast chicken roast pork the gambling session oh so merry! so have to take leave samo on the following mon n tues. but that's 2 days more.. n i'll b in clinical by then.. 1 n a half week gone liao! how am i going to fulfill my quota or learn anything?? how la lidat?!

ahhhh!!! HOU FAN AH!!!! *echoed by the sot poh nx to my room* *i think she's stil staring at the shift schedule this month* *at least i'm being productive by venting this on my blog*

well if i'm posted in kl... it wud save me all the trouble! if not all... say 70%. man i wud not even need to take leave on the following mon n tues ok.. can stil get up nx day n go to work as usual...


tho i don get that eos exam stress now, see i stil get the stress on how to apply my leave wisely.

like my mood is not bad enuf.. there's alwiz sth...STH to make it WORSE. MY HAIR!=.= padan muka.. alwiz like to do things at the spur~ of the moment. ya gud.. now i look like siu fong fong AGAIN! AGAIN! arrrghhhh!... y do i have to relive this nitemare?

i juz wan to trim off the split ends n the tangled parts which alwiz get on my nerves... so i told the gal to make my hair bao yi dian, duan yi dian... when i wear my specs after the cut.. i was like.... AHHH! gao meng ah!!! it's now bao HEN DUO! duan HEN DUO! very yok chek leh... my rm400-worth curls r gone! gone in 20 mins!!

scissors r such a brutal weapon u know.

very sim tiah! very sakit hati! very xin tong! wat more languages?

n for 5 months i tot the sexy curls r gonna help me tremendously in nurturing my ladylikeness or womanliness... gone! GONE WIF THE SCISSORS!!!! haih she wanted to make it into those cool layers but aiseh.. i'm luen mou 1 ok. it stil looked acceptable at 1st but once the salon effect (u know wat i mean.. the VIDAL SASSOON EFFECT) wear off.. i'm back looking like a nerdy teenager who stil have to obey curfews set by pappy n mommy n who knows nth abt drugs except panadol. WTH.

haih... this is wat happen when u blog on a monday.

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