Wednesday, 7 January 2009

supposed to b a recap n resolution entry but turned out to b sth else

it's exactly a week since having a blast counting down to 2009 wif fellow prps n frps at our house. shud b time for an entry on recap n resolution. but now that i have a faint heart, a tiring n sumtimes mundane 8 to 5 job, i wudn't dare n cudn't bear looking back at 2008... a yr of uncovering hidden paths n exploring new territories. a yr where dreams became reality n the reality was merely sum kinda delusion. everything... it's been crazily exciting, beautiful n painful.

2009 n i'm 24 but who cares i juz celebrated my 23rd bday. hoho u have all the rite to get jealous at dec babies like me i won mind. nth too fancy nth too elaborate *c my frens r not that creative u know* (my sec skool frens were juz too lazy to coordinate a surprise until they cudn't even bother to hide the cake or the present n poor bday gal had to fake her delight at seeing the cake n the present wth.) but stil it's so warm at heart=) mmm thank u ppl!

this yr 1 more grp of ppl celebrated my bday. my current housemates. by now i think u guys shud now who they r.. pjoo, kyong, n cyee. like who wud've tot that v r gonna stay tgt sum day rite? ya my life is getting more n more random i know!

there's this thurs nite where i was catching my million dollar deal in the loo. n cyee the irritating nx door housemate who shares the same bathroom was yelling.. oi lei zou gan mat yeh ah?

so i yelled back... O SI AH! in a grumpy tone. cos i was RELI close to catching that million dollar deal n juz sending the msg across that i need A BIT MORE TIME in the loo.

n yes.. deal was successful. so i flush victoriously n walk out of the loo n out of my room. n AT THAT VERY SECOND...



n the nx thing i know the geli landlord was holding the bday cake.
the irritating housemate nx door was clapping her fragile hands away.
n the narcissistic housemate from downstairs was strumming his guitar gleefully.


stunned! shocked! embarassed! happy! surprised! delighted! watever. man it's a bag of mixed emotions.

so the song ended n i'm supposed to blow the candles but every1 can stand no more n burst into their wildest laughter.

i'm celebrating my 20th bday instead of 23rd!!! kakaka!!! get it get it??

sheeeshh! of all time....

y wud they wan to surprise me wif a coffee bday cake at that time when i'm making my own choc cake?

y wud i make my choc cake at that time when they wan to surprise me wif a coffee bday cake?

y is the timing sooo GOOD?

the thing is.. they had lighted the candles when cyee was yelling at me to check out wat i was doing in the loo.......


n they wudn't wan to blow off juz in case i get out of the loo suddenly. of course i didn't know their plan la... do big business mm gap dat lei 1. so i juz took my own sweet time.

so by that time i get out of the toilet n finished the bday song.. the 3 small candles, tho stil lit wif weak flame, had totally melted omg! coating the surface of the cake PINK! so left the 2 candles stil standing as if i'm only celebrating my 20th bday!


this celebration was seriously funny!!! tho it's downright simple, i'll nvr forget this SHITTY bday surprise. notice the pun hehe.

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