Wednesday, 24 December 2008

jing jing jingle bell jingle ur head~~~ dammit. y does xmas have to fall on a thurs n not fri? *super jealous kat kyong n cyee!! well at 1st. but all sympathy n empathy for them now ah y am i stil so full of sympathy after a month in opd*

chill chill.. i'll better b having sum gud time at malacca wif fellow prps tmrw keke.

i wan to blog abt life in muar.. my new housemates.. my bday.. the disastrous badminton outing.. sth random.. many things! but uh.. dah tak larat la. post opd syndrome.

n y is this sucky feeling creeping all over me again?? when wil i ever gonna get over this?? shucks. i SHUD NOT listen to coldplay in the 1st place.

gudnite. n merry xmas!

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