Monday, 12 January 2009

of TDM n a week where i broke 2 records

finally get to b in a rather interesting dpt. 1st week was wif a frp who is pious enuf to pray many times n oso happens to have high metabolism rate so she gets hungry easily. *pls pls get my sarcasm lol* n only care abt ta-pauing drugs as souvenirs bfor leaving our hosp.. for gud. n the moz important thing was NOT taught.. dose recommendation. issh.. if only i'm as handsome as kyong hor *hpsfians wil get me*.

the nx thing i know the pengganti frp was at niteshift n suddenly i have so many samples to run n suddenly 7 out of 10 samples r out of range n suddenly ms. dunno nth at all was ALONE.. ON HER OWN, recommending dosage regimen to doctors. woo! expected Css? WAT?! targeted concentration? NANI?! for gudness sake, i hope those patients r all alive! i did follow up these cases n yeah.. they pretty much survived! phew!

oh ya n v sent ciclosporin samples to HSA cos our reagents dah EXPIRED (see.. poor hosps can't afford expensive reagents hor!) (oh wat's more has expired? premarin? clarinase? the list goes on). as usual HSA pharmacist wud call to inform us the results. so ya i picked up the phone n was talking to this HSA pharmacist while jotting down the results.. n i was like..

hmm this voice is sooooooo FAMILIAR.. oh wait... i know this voice!! *having this particular person in mind*

so i juz chip in randomly, hey may i know who am i talking to? n 'ms. wang' was her reply. AH HA! HSA. JB. pharmacist. ms. wang. that voice. CONFIRM!

so i yelled out... JING MEIN! wo shi sui lin ah..
wa hell.. was embarassed at 1st cos she stun a bit n cudn't recognise me lidat hahaha cos she nvr expect me to b in muar hosp. but anyway.. this is it.. v can stil b keeping in touch wif batchmates during working hrs muahhaha.


ok so it's abt the week where i broke 2 records.

#1. i've been going back to kl every weekend since the day i was posted to muar. n this is the 1st weekend (10-11/1) that i had to stay back in muar.

huuuuuuuuuuu... there goes my triumphant record of balik kampung streak!

dammit! our hosp is doing fine all these while w/o this ridiculous slot called tdm on call. n y la dunno which geh poh chee wan to start this tdm on call thingy in the yr of 2009. n DENG! my shift wil b on 24-25/1 which is the cny eve weekend where u do spring cleaning n eat reunion dinner wth. alas swap shift wif luvly shu n ya there i was... waiting at tdm room to run samples..

but NO! there r no urgent samples to run watsoever not even therapeutic confirmation samples on sun.. n sumtimes i even evilly hope that there'll b samples to run so that me staying back in muar to do all this shit is justified! *sigh* such a waste of human resources.

#2. long story.

was getting the hang of working in tdm. y'know.. the ego n the superior mentality of docs. working in tdm makes u take pride a bit in being a pharmacist cos they listen to us nyeh nyeh! they need our advise on the dosage regimen nyeh hehehehe!

well in the midst of my evil laughter.. to cut long story short, i was transferred back to OPD n no longer in TDM. well due to my own confusion n blurness

so there was i.. dragging myself back to bloody OPD.. GOSH! little did i know that i'm gonna have terrible weeks ahead.

<ok kyong.. pls leave this blog now cos i so gonna bring up that inhaler incident that u've heard for the umpteenth time u'll b so sick that u wanna puke at ur laptop but ya i'm stil gonna blog it here. so SHOO! don say i din warn u.>

it's a bloody long n tiring week wif all the usual hassle of OPD. n yeah! it's fri! 4.55pm so i was dispensing to this last patient.

oh so rx got inhaler.. let me explain a bit. in muar it works lidat.. u bring ur empty inhaler to exchange a new1. i saw the old inhaler in this guy's bakul so i shake it n ooh... stil got much liquid inside so i told him.. encik pam yg lama ni masih ada, guna yg lama dulu baru guna yg baru ya.

ok let's name this man psycho babi.

psycho babi: @#$%^! eh apasal bagi yg lama. nak yg baru je la.

me: oh.. saya memang akan bagi yg baru. tapi juz nak bagi tau yg lama ni masih ada lagi, jgn bazir ya.

psycho babi: @#$#%@$** (forgot wat shit he said but kinda like cursing me for giving him back the old inhaler wtf)

me: *ok i've met wif a lot of rude pts in OPD so i tot i can handle this plus it's almoz 5 rest assured i'm in perfectly gud mood=) meanwhile making my point that he shud finish up old inhaler bfor using the new inhaler* (tsk tsk.. how angelic i am stil got patience to deal wif difficult patients like this, samo help hosp to save inhalers)

well this go on for sum while until this psycho babi suddenly shove his hand into the counter n slam away his bakul!!! yelling TAK NAK BAGI TAK NAK BAGI LA!! wif that face. THAT FACE.

OMG!!! he FREAKING SLAMMED THE BAKUL AWAY!! u know where meds drop off n i have to pick it up.


fat dou yao foh ah! this triggered my anger rite away walao eh i yelled back at him "ENCIK, WHY ARE YOU SO RUDE TO ME??!!" (haih stupid me.. as tho this uneducated babi wil paham inggeris.. tula don wan to brush up my malay.. now wan to scold ppl dunno how to scold pulak )

halo! it was an abosulutely polite n unprovocative statement.. y wud any1 in his sane mind OVERREACT to this extent?! obviously he's not in his sane mind. mayb he doesn't even have a brain.
i wish that i can juz yell back at him lu cakap tak nak bagi punya ah.. n confiscate all his meds. isshh isshh ishh but i'm juz an inexperienced prp i don think i have the rite to do so.

me: "awak tak perlu buat macam ini lo. saya hanya cakap jgn bazir saje!" raising my tone n trembling in anger.

psycho babi: "hah awak cakap macam ini la.. nanti saya beritau pengarah awak siap.

me: *showing that OK! FINE! face**raising tone up another notch* SAYA HANYA BAGI TAU JGN BAZIR LO! SAYA MEMANG TAK SALAH! *yes yes yes i did sound very harsh by that time*

psycho babi: @#$%$%*

me: *keep my composure n tell myself i stil gonna dispense this profesionally* so i dispense his other meds.. ni cair darah.. setengah biji bancuh air minum selepas makan.

psycho babi: AH CAKAP BYK LAGI! BAGI UBAT!!! *snatching his meds away from me WALAO EH BABI!!*

me: *gek sei ngo* so i dispense all his meds SLOWLY.. telling him the indication n makan brp kali tiap kali makan brp biji. hah..

ok so finally here comes the inhalers.

me: ok encik ni pam yg baru.. *reminding him salbutamol use when needed n budesonide need to use everyday*(wa dei i'm so damn professional)

then i pick up the old inhalers wif an 'oh btw' look...

me: jgn bazir pam yg lama ni ah..

n wat he did nx was my breaking point.

he took the salbutamol inhaler, open the mouthpiece n

FREAKING SPRAYED THE CONTENTS TO MY DIRECTION while mumbling AH NI MANA MASIH ADA? NI MANA MASIH ADA?? *continue spraying to his heart's content!!!!*

like that's not enuf... he picked up the budesonide inhaler, open the mouthpiece n FREAKING SPRAYED WATEVER'S THAT'S LEFT INSIDE INTO THE AIR!!! again.. mumbling ni mana masih ada?






WTF!!! i clutched my fist so tightly i can juz explode like an atomic bomb destroying anything within the radius of 1.5 metres including that psycho babi!!! *bsshh ba boom*

clutched my fist ya i did but i was too stunned to react to wat he had juz done. i juz stoned there instead of spraying him back wif my pepperspray. SHAIT! y didn't i take down his name n ic n deny his right of collecting meds in muar hosp for the rest of his life?! ma de! he juz insulted a pegawai farmasi gred U41 ok!!!!

i went to the filling area behind.. n looked at my fellow colleagues .. n of all things.. i said sth like gor gor dou hai sui yan lei ga..

n then TEARS started to stream down my cheeks!

ohh NOOOOOoooo! that's not wat i wan. y i failed to control my tears at public once again?! hou yu ah! n like that's not embarassing enuf.. i cudn't stop my tears for the nx 20mins. haha motherly/angelic madam lye n yshan tried so hard to console me.

that mdm lye damn funny la now she see me everyday she'll ask.. eh ni zhen yang ah? ni ok ma? like i'm sum kinda yong yi sao siong dek lui yan.. *faye wong's song playing in the background kaka*

so yeah... this my my another record... crying for the 1st time at work! DENG! BARBARIANS! i shall not b nice anymore!

p/s: this entry was super outdated n by now my anger has subsided la tho i can stil get very gek dong if i ever gonna talk abt it again. can't get to post it up last week even when i'm so bored in muar cos got no router over the weekend *ahem*.


khaiyong said...

okay...That was a LOOONG post. I think I could have wrote the whole same post for you :P

Haha and your disclaimer didn't deter me, it just made me more curious :P

mingying said...

poor u!!i think wat u did is correct..very soi larr meet this kinda psycho patient..nvm..its the OX year nw..hopefully u'll be lucky this year!!happy cny and enjoy ur hols gal!!:))

suechoo said...

wa lao eh...this psycho babi!!! i already feel very angry by js reading ur post, cant imagine wat if this is happening in front of me. Really should have ban him ar, darn bad!! haha!! nvm la, now chinese new year, we be good, then whole year also GOOD!!!! hehe...crap...

yieng said...

OMG. I think i will be so angry until it's so difficult to control the tear but you juts want to tell ppl you're angry and not crying because of some sick ppl like that.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I can say is WHERE THE HELL WERE THE BLOODY FRPS?