Monday, 4 August 2008

of 1 lousy morning, an apology n a stressful event

got up at 8.30am today. huh? n wat's more, i don even need my freaking alarm clock wif the wake-the-whole-kampung-up-except-me ringtone. that's WAY too strange for anybody who knows me well.

ok it's the damn electricity cut. the fan went off out of a sudden n my hypothalamus sensed a rise in temperature n send sum impulse to my brain to wake me up so that i can get out of my sauna-ish pigsty in time. to put simply, i'm a heat-sensitive person.


n i guess there's this thing in my genes, my temper wil flare n anxiety wil strike for no reason when it gets HOT n STUFFY! i can't stand even the tiniest weeniest silliest kinda mistake.

then i grumble n nag like a post-menopausal auntie wif sagging boobs wth.

yes, there were victims, few of them. since i'm writing this, i wan to say SORRY guys. n esp U, SORRY. i think this fella is not interested in reading my blog. serves this fella rite, cos i damn ego to say it once more. here's it!


anyway life become so meaningless w/o electricity. LOST! i was. walk to the tv set only to realise the tv won work. get my laptop, thinking that i can blog abt it only to realise that the batt was not charged. wanted to call sumbody but it's too early to do so. wanted to read newspapers but the natural light source was not bright enuf. oiii wat can i do??!! damn mou liu. it's not a gud thing when ur life is TOO dependent on sth, but y'know, it's ELECTRICITY. *sigh*


ytrday went to that fella's popo's bday. alamak damn gan jiong bfor attending THE occasion. well to many ppl it's nth much to stress abt, it's not even blogworthy. not that i wan to strike an impression of a prim n proper guai guai lui or wat, juz wan to keep mistakes down to a zero. but hey, i don sound likeable, i don look likeable n i don behave likeably, this quite an uphill task ok!!

jeng jeng jeng... the time came n i was in the restaurant. i forgot did i even call po po. damn a lot of ppl stress kao kao... i juz stretch my lips sideways to the max heeeeee=) b polite ma.. heeeeee=)

n of course shut my mouth so i won risk saying anything wrong. since i have a bad habit of blurting out sum words out of nowhere that wil offend ppl w/o me knowing it.. gone case.

it's quite uneasy at 1st... i look at the ceiling i look left look rite finding a sight that i can rest my eyes on.. i fidget a bit... finding a sitting position that i'm comfortable wif... play wif my fingers a bit...

then i rest my eyes on the uncle to my rite... HUH omg!! UNCLE!! wahpiang i nvr realise uncle (that fella's dad)is sitting RITE BSIDE ME ALL THE TIME. i quickly turned to him n greeted, hi uncle, giggling like mad at the same time. not funny meh?!
oh wait... shait! i was giggling like mad! now that i think of it i can c a cloud popping out from uncle's head..

this is not gud.

anyway thank god the food was served n that's when i can channel all my attn on food which means, less stress. i eat n eat n eat like nobody's business. 8 or 9 course later, v called it a day.

mommy n daddy, u both have groomed me well since i was a baby, juz that i'm not that kinda material sum times. hope i don sat lai u guys in front of other ppl.



ti3nD said...

wahhh damn stressful when im trying to imagine what you experienced!

but the way you behave really very funny larh. his dad sitting next to you and you neva realise. kakaka. dont worry larh kay, must be over ganjiong for sure! :P

Pooi Yin said...

funny lor... lol:p

lin said...

tien: i'm sure u've experience this oredi haha so think u understand my nerves. or u very confident in urself leh. haha!

pooi yin: laugh wat laugh... nx time u got bf adi don come to me for advice on such situation lo. laugh!

ti3nD said...

erm i have witnessed qris' case in jb the very first time. Then myself okay okay bah. ahahha. Next, when hy came to my house ,she made alot of mistakes also. so dont worry larh.

But your case is really :P