Thursday, 24 July 2008

pain in the arse

teehee... 2 entries in a row. sheez i muz have missed blogging so much. *bliss.

it's a great day at isle of cumbrae... a tiny island wif nth much to do. it's so damn tiny that u can cover the entire island by cycling around for 4 hrs which include many LONG photostops. by long i mean VERY LONG. y? cos there r few leceh aunties camwhoring perfectionistas in da house.
thank gudness i'm cool wif that today hehe. cos i'm reli chilling myself out in the beautiful sceneries. mountains n sea... typical scottish sceneries but stil luvly. *post photos later.

but wth... i got a seriously uncomfortable bike!! i need to slouch a lot until my back ached n omg i reli pity my fleshless butt. anyway 2 hrs riding a bike is sweet. 3 hrs... tiring. 4 hrs... that's killing me!!

treated myself to dinner at rumours again. curry mee again. hohoho. my frens may not agree but after trying out so many curry mee in msia, judging the tasty har-mai aroma n the rich coconut cream plus the accompaniments... rumour's curry mee can chin-chai beat many curry mee in KL! too bad it lacks the bit of spiciness-oomph for my stds.

so i think the best is stil in taiping n kuala sepatang!! omg when's cny??

i need to pack a bit. but i reli dread to have another p&s session again. cos i have lotsa stuff scattering here n there. n of course... it's hard to think that i'm leaving scotland in 3 days' time. sad isn't it? cos i grew to luv this place more each day. the water. the air. tho not the ppl n not the food la. *sobs*

very complicated feeling. only avril lavigne can understand. cos an hr ago in the previous post i was happy of going back to my food paradise n few mins ago i was talking abt going to perak for n now i damn berat hati to leave glasgow. how la u tell me...!!!
ah beauty sleep 1st.

watever izzit... it's reli pain in MY arse now. i mean it! literally.

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