Thursday, 24 July 2008

WEEee rhapodisiac's BACK!!!

... after a long hibernation. well y during the summer? cos she's ain't a polar bear! ok. HA-HA-HA.

gee feels so gud to blog again. that means i finally have the LUXURY to sit in front of the comp to type a bunch of crap.. to watch hotaru no hikari (it's so damn HILARIOUS wakaka! n tengmuzhiren n the oh-so-sweet ayase haruka r such tyummy eye candys!). gosh when lin-sama calls that a LUXURY, she muz have been away from a place she calls HOME for like a decade!!

indeed... i've gone tru the craziest travel-thon EvER since my final paper.

1. spain + portugal. back to glasgow. pack & shift.

2. italy. back to glasgow. p&s.

3. ireland. back to glasgow. p&s.

4. parents come. jln-jln bit of scotland.

5. convo. p&s

6. cosmos tour to 6 countries in 13 days (WTH!!!). truely nomadic lifestyle.

7. london. back to glasgow.

8. st. andrews

9. scottish highland tour.

this is MADNESS!!! do sum math wif the miles i've travelled n oso the number of p&s.. siao!!!

in such a short time i've been to many places. i reli appreciate it.. considering how lucky n privileged of me to have done so at a young age. of course, much thanx to daddy n mommy. i've seen a lot. learnt a lot. n enjoyed a whole lot more.

haha in the near future... rhapsodisiac is gonna turn to a travelogue.. sounds cool eh! stay tune.

anyway the travelling plus the p&s from room to room block to block had taken a toll on me. omg y can't my contract wif james blyth court last forever?! tired is not reli the word. i guess exhausted describes my condition better. i look so horrible now.

bad n dark apuneneh complexion! frizzy fuzzy messy hair wif yucky split ends!

wth i look like indonesian maid now. how now brown cow....
how i wish i'm rich enuf to treat myself to a luxurious spa n expensive hair treatment.

not only that. i have developed a sense of disliking towards certain stuff.

1. no more hostel pls. i wan comfortable hot shower n clean bed. may all bed bugs b sent to hell.

2. i cannot stand bus or train or watever ride more than an hr. ahhhh.... it's reli pain in the arse!!!

3. my stomach wil selectively reject foods like breads, croissants, fried stuff, McD, burgers, cold ham, n last but not least
CHIPS!!! i hereby declare i HATE french fries!!! i'm sick sick sick of them!!!

anyway 30th july wil b the day i step on the soil of FOOD PARADISE again. asam laksa!! cheerios=)


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