Sunday, 18 November 2007

Defeat of the Tartan Army

it's a cold, rainy sat.. but u can feel the heat everywhere! big day for the scottish as it's THE match...

Scotland vs Italy !!! in hampden park.

dear called me up at noon n said hey let's go out n feel the atmosphere. yeah gud idea n off we went strolling down the st.

a truly football mad nation.

v went to campus bar to watch the match. here no mamak n teh tarik. juz bars n beer. it's super congested n v had to shove our way to find a spot wif better view of the screen n fresh air to breathe. the crowd was singing in a deafening volume.
v'll b coming
v'll b coming
v'll b coming bla bla bla.

it's quite infectious but i can nvr get the nx phrase. well it's act
'When you hear the noise of the Tartan Army boys,
We'll be coming down the road'... thanx to google=)

for a gal who know's no strategies n rules, it's stil easy to enjoy a football match.. juz pick a team! n support it til the end of the match. since i live in glasgow now, it's not hard to choose hehe.

bfor i settled down, italy scored their 1st goal at the 2nd min. during the 2nd half, scotland scored their 1st goal n the crowd burst into thunderous cheers n chants, punching their fist in the air, splashing alcohol at each other n singing their v'll b coming song again. woohoo!!! their team did put up a gud fight but towards the last few mins, italy scored their 2nd goal n scotland's hope of qualifying into euro cup 2008 went down the drain. awww.. kesian...

anyway got myself a scarf on the st juz so that i can blend in the atmosphere better haha. back in my room, wif the help of cellotape n tripod, i got this!

unfortunately, the nx day...

fine... i need thumb tags!


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EdmondLee said...

fark the italians!