Friday, 16 November 2007


welcome here!! woohoo... *pop the champagne*
u guys almoz need to type to view my blog. phew glad that i withdrew the idea haha. at a pt i was listening to foofighters n a fly came buzzing around my room. n i juz tot.. that's it foofoofly! n a pic of a fly sticking on dave grohl's lips ala silence of the lamb style came to mind.. eeks.
well had alwiz wanted to have a blog esp after the germany trip in sept, felt like sharing sum photos n stories. posting photos at frienster blog reli gets on ur nerves n u juz cudn't get the flow! give up.. turn to blogspot. but ooh wait a min, i need to get myself a domain name. no, not my name.. wat shud it b? n since then when a word popped in my mind, i'll go check out the availability. then only i realise omg.. i'm juz SO NOT creative at coming up wif names... linsays, higgledy-piggledy, jalapeno n few more... they r all taken! fine. no matter how bad i am at this, rest assured that i won name my babies ah keong or mei ling, NVR. then i got so lazy n after a gud 2 months, i finally come up wif a domain name n 1st entry kaka!
this wil serve as a platform for me to get all sentimental or to accommodate sum ranting n cursing n of course, updates to ppl who care abt me. sharing it wif a small lil network, i think it's sweet enuf=) but when u c mr sia n the singaporean bimbo wif a bimbotic blog got showered wif loads of goodies, hey it's no harm getting bz traffic at ur blog! i wan goodies too!

*slap* 'fat mong' laa...

ok, new blog new resolution:
1. i shall nvr ever again in my life allow negative tots to cloud my mind n affect the emotions of ppl tat i care. look forward n improve ur EQ pls.
2. write a decent intro for my research project (pls finish it on time) n then get a gud pass!


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