Sunday, 31 May 2009

i think i have a crush on this MO

so there he was. examining his pt professionally n discussing the case wif his HO (well more like imparting his knowledge n experience selflessly). MEN (esp DOCTORS keke) who r dedicated n serious at work r simply irresistible!! gee don u all agree?

then he turned over n acknowledged us, the tpn pharmacists, wif a smile that aww melts mah heart. n the nx thing v know.. he started to TALK to us! omg so unexpected... *heart fluttered at 120 beats/min, BP raised to 160/100 mmHg, face.. bloodshot!*

he's sooooooooooooooo polite n softspoken my gudness!! where got MO so angelic 1?! *hmmph juz think abt 'kanasai'*

he said sth like planning to wean off pt's tpn, increase feeding n increase the tpn request. so he asked us POLITELY to recalculate everything wif a higher calorie n volume. mm mm mm me n ming juz nodded all the way. occasionally adding in sum senseless words like..

me : ya sure v can recalculate it. or

ming: no prob, v can compound from scratch.

to which he said.. no prob rite? u can juz add few scoops into it.

mm.. mm. stil nodding. *eyes open wide suddenly*

SCOOPS?! nani?! did he juz said SCOOPS?!


apa la ni u tot v bancuh fernleaf milk ah HARH!!! 3 scoops of fernleaf milk powder, 2 scoops of soya powder, 1 teaspoon of sugar bla bla.. eh halo v use needles syringes n spikes under strictly aseptic laminar flow condition 1 ok... scoops?! wat the?!

aikss... instead of bursting into my wildest laughter or correcting him wif a sarcastic statement like the above or watever, v act did nth but smile=) ahhh there u go.. 2 spineless pharmacists.

n it's only until v got got out of ward that v realised.. eh did he juz say wean off tpn? but y does he wan to increase pt's tpn load? shudn't v taper it down?! ok all these queries started to spring into our mind 1 by 1. omg this is bad. our brains juz stop functioning properly when he's within our sight.. no it's more like slow/delayed release formulation, n he's the inhibitor for the release haha.

luckily v get to sort things out wif the dietician later. yes it's tapering down tpn v r so rite.

so this is wat i called STARSTRUCK!

HE is Dr. 'William Sou Wing Hong'.. or i shall address him affectionately as dr. so in my blog. no i'm not kidding... he RELI looks like this!

talk abt resemblance, on the scale of 1 to 10, i wud say 8! but if compared to the pic above taken from healing hands, it wud b 9.6 out of 10!!! serious! akakakkakakak!

woot now only i realise HE HAS EXACTLY the SAME HAIRSTYLE as the character kong moon yuet in the show!!

OMG.... BWAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! *hysterical liao*.. where got so ngam 1?! mayb he got inspired by sou wing hong in this drama, he told himself.. hey i wan to look like that too! so since then he started to comb his hair that way n the rest is history.

that hair... juz nvr fail to make my day=) =) =) v alwiz wonder how much gel he use every morning to style that hair? n ky said... few SCOOPS mayb. *rofl*

sheez starstruck gao gao. signs n symptoms of dr. william so effect..

-elevation of BP n HR

- impairment in thinking, reversible if inhibitor is removed

-woobly feet (that's ming),

-fainty (that's me).

shyz.. no la not crush la. he's happily married by the way. aww... so luvly.


so i luv tpn bcos it's quite a chill dpt. early morning u clerk the case n ogle at dr. so (to much of my disappointment dr. so's pt off tpn liao). hmm i reli enjoy this sorta collaboration btw diff professions, so cool lidat. n i reli enjoy going to ward (correction: ward wif air-cond! medical wards.. no NO!) then u go into the sterile room, u do things at ur own pace wif no patients to stress u out, after that yayz it's time to claim sum off petangs cos u'll b so darn free!

but i tak nak buang bubble! i hate i hate i hate. grrrrrrrrrrrr.... every1 who knows me wil know how impatient i am.. those bubbles juz get on my nerves!! asking me to buang bubble is like asking me to walk gracefully in 3 inches heels or stitch tiny sequin beads on those kemahiran hidup project. tsk tsk... such delicate stuff. i'm too man for that yo!


my short term memory has been terrible all these while but lately.. my level of forgetfulness has srsly gone up few notches. that day after finishing tpn.. i push the trolley out using the laluan produk while i went out using the laluan orang which then connected to the tpn office. mins later, ming called.. jom have lunch! to which i replied yayz c u in opd.

n i freaking left all my tpn bags n heparin saline there. rite outside the door of laluan produk!! luckily kak mas saw it. i only knew it like half an hr AFTER i was back from lunch.

holy shit!! those things totally slipped off my mind once i stepped out of the laluan org. WHY?! HOW can this happen?! tho i din kena for this cos it's juz tpn bags.. but wat if it's other things? sth urgent? sth to do wif lifes? i'm going to b an frp in half a yr's time wif lotsa responsiblities n boy, if my mind is deteriorating at the rate that it is now, i'm going to get myself in BIG trouble.

so wat do i do? does gingko helps? i wonder.

*oh oh i'm in trouble.. sth's gonna stop me from being in trouble yeh yeh*


EdmondLee said...

oh no dear have some crush on someone..!

lin said...

yalor.. how la lidat?! dear jealous liao akakakaka.

~ming~ said...

a pair of giggly fangirls lah the both of us!

but i like i like i like!!! kenapa so cute punya doctor exists one??

'scoops of fernleaf' muahahahhahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!

and that pic you posted up, i'd say it's a 9.999999999999999999999 out of 10 loh!!!!

finally mustered up the strength not to think of him liao (giggled in car alone last week, scary dao) over the weekend, then i come back and i saw him on your blog, and now the giggling fits have come back!

how to sleep tonight?? *star stwuck* awwwwww

edmond, gel your hair back. lots and LOTS of gel, then suilin will have wobbly legs and faint when she sees you, guaranteed!


cYbeR FiSh™ said...

my hospital's 50yo-unmarried-pakar psikiatri-U52 looks like that.XD