Sunday, 24 May 2009

romeo take me sumwhere v can b alone

i'll b waiting all there's left to do is run
u'll b the prince n i'll b the princess
it's a love story baby juz say yes

it's kay's ringtone.
it's sinlee's caller ringtone.
it's on yahoo video.
it's on suria fm.
it's on hitz. fm.

it's officially THE opd song.

i've went from liking the song to sick of the song to liking the song n then sick of the song again that i'm not too sure whether i like this song or not but i find myself singing along n jiving wif it, n am stil humming it now. shit.

yeah that was pretty much my weekend in muar.. indie gal catching the love story bug in opd.

ah so sick of work srsly. the last time i took leave was during cny holy moly can u blif it?! so for the heck of it i act took an off from work last mon n moz importanly, i wanted to catch a gig on the sunday itself. turned out i was late for my fav band n the not so indie bf tot that it's no longer worth paying rm40 for the ticket so v went on duke highway (saje.. i have sense of direction 1 eh) to go to 1u. *no.. i'm not trying to blame u or wat. jgn terasa.*

v ended up watching angels n demons (tho it sounded impromptu here but no! it's in our plan keke).

ANGELS n DEMONS!! how can v not b excited of it!! esp thoses of us who happened to lepak around pantheon on the afternoon of 18th june 2008!!

...there was a huge crowd. v were so curious that v squeeze our way amongst the crowd n v instantly got the news that tom hanks were filming. yao mou?! tom hanks weh!! toes tipping like a ballerina n neck stretching out like a giraffe.

there. i. saw. tom. hanks!!

v saw the crew filming there!! v freaking saw tom hanks!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! *squeals of a fan* n dear the smartypants figured out that it's angels n demons. bingo 'kim'!!

i went to the cinema w/o any expectation cos i tot da vincci code totally suck sry i juz don get it n i've nvr read any dan brown books. correction: not like i read ANY books other than shin chan. gosh y am i so shallow. ok where was i.

oh ya. but when the movie started i was like a hyper fidgety kid pointing at the screen pulling the sleeves of mom (err bf in this case) n whispered... oh hey i've been here... oh hey i've been there.. ohh see... ohh look... ohh i miss this place... ohhh... n eagerly waiting for THE very scene v saw in rome. n yep only ppl like us wil act pay attn to the otherwise neglected corner of the scene.

*spoiler's ahead*

it's the scene where the italian police officers r doing their thang ala crime scene investigation while talking to robert langdon so v the curious fans fit in perfectly as those busybody curious onlookers. AH HA this is so genius... rmb to check this out yo.


suilin tan....... curious onlooker #123

n arrggh i shud've known that the person who is moz unlikely to b the bad guy IS the bad guy. but i stupidly let myself FOOLED til the end!!! hmm let's guess wat wil my score b if i do a mensa test.

man u juz gotta blif that camerlengo patrick has the heart of a saint when the person playing it is noneother than EWAN MCGREGOR! wif his earnest n handsome face how can any1 have the heart to think of him as the villain?! aww... *stil in denial.. i'm not stupid.. i'm not stupid. *


back to my weekend. lying on the bed doing absolutely nth on a sat n sun morning, wif an ipod.. that's a newfound bliss=) n the luxury where u can refuse to get out of bed... is priceless! i don need to b awaken by irritating alarm n off it n let it snooze again until i finally get up at the 3rd snooze. but nvrtheless i'm stil rushing like a headless chicken to work.

sat bcos of ugly betty.

sun bcos of csi miami... u know... that man is full of secrets.. n zap! commercial break.

so wat r the secrets?! i'm dying to know!! but i have to get my ass off the couch cos it's oredi 12.46pm. n i've yet to put on my contacts change my clothes n fill up my water tumbler.. n i stil clocked in at 1pm=) see! how can i not love muar.

there was i revisiting my glorious days of being a couch potato n hey i only had national tv back then no fancy fancy wah lai toi or axn. it's a thurs nite in muar.. me n cyee juz tuned in to 8tv for fei tin.. n the nx thing v know.. there's flaming butterfly AND americal idol final 2 woohoo!!

i've nvr watched any episode of americal idol this season but i'm lucky enuf to catch adam lambert in the final 2. it's so damn obvious that he's the better of the 2 esp when both of them r singing no boundaries. kris has pretty much ordinari-fy the song until u had to wonder ehh the same song ah?

n omg! the rendition of we are the champions, n for that few secs it felt like adam was possessed by freddie mercury!! (hey come to think of it y many of my idols either commit suicide or died a tragic death 1 ah?) but too bad he only solo-ed for a wee while.. i juz cudn't get enuf of that voice.. urrghh sending chills down my spine.. (oh hey interesting fact #2- freddie n adam r both gay!) i juz wished i can take kris off n let adam strut his stuff alone truout the whole song.

haih so it's this flawed voting system again. wat's wrong wif being gay? wat's wrong wif being gothic?! oh mayb there's sth wrong. so i shud stop wearing black baju ketat to work everyday haha.

watever it is, i'm stil a true blue couch potato after all these yrs! yayz.

hail the couch potato! hail lin-sama!

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