Wednesday, 1 April 2009

episode 134: nite shift



paris LEEDY hilton (don even try to figure out y the heck izzit leedy unless u r oso from hpsf haha)

season 5: MUAR

ep. 134: NITE SHIFT.

co-star: kak najwar (1st & 2nd nite), kak yani (3rd nite), jshen (4th & 5th nite), fahmi (6th & 7th nite).

task 1. get to know ur dispensers

juz got up from 2 hr nap. staring blankly at the shelves in satellite.. when suddenly i heard karma police. yao mou? at 6am in the morning! am i hallucinating or wat? so i juz check out the tdm room n guess wat...

that's kak najwar n her yahoo music!! *red sleepy eyes popping out instantly*

a small town dispenser who has given birth to 4 or 5 children actually likes listening to RADIOHEAD... WOW!!

i got so excited that i told her how much i luv radiohead n how i miss the concert at glasgow green blabla.. while jamming tdm wif paranoid android=) gee... don u think this is sooo damn cool?!

=task 1 accomplished: kak najwar has gud taste in music=

bimbotic moment: planned to make tuna egg SANDWICH for my 'lunch'. happily packed the egg in a tupperware but totally forgot abt the BREAD!! CIS!! there goes half a loaf of bread.. serving as a cosy breeding ground for moulds.

task 2: self development - bravery

che wa i can act run MANY times to DIM-LITTED opd, TAKING MY TIME to grab sum meds ALONE in the WEE HRS W/O ANY FEAR n W/O IMAGINATION RUNNING WILD!! ok i know i know wait til i go bekalan wad n have a look at that nvr ending walkway. but sheez i'm very proud of myself. *purposely capitalletter-fied the words juz so u guys get my pt keke*

=task 2 accomplished: leedy is no more chicken yo!=

bimbotic moment: cursing bloody A & E doctors only AFTER hanging up the phone. issh if i have the courtesy to call u can u pls have the courtesy to cooperate a bit. yerr not like it's my fault that v run out of syrup amoxicillin.

task 3: get along well wif jshen

i finally got to work wif jshen the GREAT but WOOT! i freaking skip my sleep cos v were talking truout the whole nite!! cheH~ wa. instead of doing the typical jshen's HARH lidat oso u dunno ah? when i was being hopelessly noobie, she act smiled.. mind u.. SMILED=) n said.. aiyoh! y u so cute 1? see ky, it's ur prob, u yong suih la.

=task 3 accomplished: humanly side of js detected.. even tho it's only a wee bit=

bimbotic moment: attempted to replace the ribbon of the label printing machine. put on serious thinking cap, activated analytical brain, trying to figure out how to pasang that damn ribbon. but No! it's stil not working!! until shahril came in the morning.

shahril: u ada pasang salah ke?

me: TAK MUNGKIN!! saya tengok ribbon yg lama tu memang pasang mcm ini. gulungan yg tebal tu kena hala ke luar.

shahril: -_-III ah suilin!!! ribbon lama tu dah habis jalan 1 cycle!!! skrg ni kita nak pasang ribbon BARU yg belum jalan lagi!!

eh YA HORRRRRRRR!! *walau can juz throw my brain into the tong sampah*

task 4: cover for fahmi so that he can go out to watch man u vs inter milan (oh btw man u kena thrased by liverpool *OH OH OH.. liverpool!!*

the 2 nites wif fahmi-the-ever-so-cuddly-teddy-bear-wif-seductive-barble doll-y-eye lashes were reli DA BOMB!!

bimbotic moment: i accidentally drop sth on the floor.. forgot izzit a pen or wat. while v both bend down to take it the tip of our fingers came in contact. n


v both kena electric shock for a sec, LITERALLY!! i'm not kidding!!


there's this strong static electric field. it's juz like those scenes on tv where both eyes met n there's this imaginary high voltage in between their eyes but dammit ours is FOR REAL! ah hah *face as red as tomato* *SHYZ zhor.*

n omg i juz burst into the wildest laughter when i stumbled upon his darkest secrets. shhhh. *ah hiok ah hiok* *omg i juz luv to do this goofy laugh lately!!!* *ah hiok ah hiok*

n i almoz finish 1 season of scrubs within these 2 nites. juz when i was halfway in this sesuai utk ditonton oleh semua lapisan masyarakat comedy, a ward attendant freaking ram into satellite asking for vanco STAT.

wahpiang! it all happened in a few sec that i cudn't minimize the screen in time n of all scenes, mind u, OF ALL SCENES, it juz HAD TO paused rite where elliot was being horny in her SEXY LINGERIE!! n the naked guy was wrapped under a blanket.

arrghhhh! can the timing get any better than this?! *i juz wanna dig a hole n jump in*

i don dare to look at his face WAT IF he winks back. ILLL!

n who knows after this i'll get... *touch wood* ..

incidence reporting #1. prp watching porn during nite shift. i'm so doomed!! hahahaha.

incidence reporting #2. disturbing patients wif hysterical laughter. omg y is scrubs so nonsensically amusing!

so i was eating chips n sipping water truout n there's his scene where the alwiz kena bullied ted suddenly flew in a projectile motion n landed in a pile of sand.

AKAKAKAKAKAKAKA! can it get more comical than this?!

n there was i.. executing my ear-piercing laughter but dammit i FORGOT i was DRINKING WATER at the very same time!!!!

so i juz spewed water at a pressure high enuf to produce that same ted projectile. AKAKAKAKAKAKAKA! if i ever kena incidence reporting i shall juz go across the causeway n make a living there, replacing the merlion yg disambar petir hahaha.

fahmi escaped the wet shower narrowly n he laughed so hard that he had to hold his big tummy awwwwwwwww so KIIIIIIIIIIIIOOooooooOOTTTTTTT! while i almoz choked to death, kanasai.

=task 4 accomplished: rewarded wif 2 hrs of sleep, lemon ribena, nasi lemak n loads of scrubs=

task 5: get a nice hairstyle

oh wat doing sth to my hair again?! oh yes i'm forever so impulsive.

bimbotic moment: megada-ly wanted to attempt a rihanna bob.

but it's not advisable by hairstylist cos my hair is super thin . ok, juz trim n rebond.

n WTH truout the whole week, i was basically ridiculed wherever i go. volume-less flat hair. pathetic strands of weird-looking cleopatra-wannabe fringe. end product: super cannot make it.

have to bear wif housemates n colleagues evil laughters. OUCH!
random pharmacy ppk came up to me juz to say they prefer my prev hairstyle. OUCH!
n then shahril started to call me BUDAK SPASTIC. HUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu bloody hell.... this is way too OUCH!

no 1 gud comment until today. fine fine fine fine. sumday my hair wil b bigger n my fringe wil get thicker.



oh n it's only fair that the guest star of the episode get sum credits too. thanx for coming all the way to accompany me n adjust to my erratic working hrs. it reli feels like v r living in the same dimension but yet in completely diff time zone damn funny haha.

guest star: dear.


director cum producer cum editor: leedy=)

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"fahmi-the-ever-so-cuddly-teddy-bear-wif-seductive-barble doll-y-eye lashes"

OMG so totally agree with you there girl!!!!!!

bambi eyelashes betul!!