Monday, 16 February 2009

forget, forgot, forgotten

ooh wow... looking at the no. of posts for feb, seems like ranty aunty had not been ranting for quite sum time. great!

ok lo.. i admit i stil like to bring up that inhaler incident every now n then in any random conversation wif any random person yalar i know i am this very irritating drama queen keke.. but then it's the fastest way to get things off my chest n now, i'm able to relate the whole incident w/o anger choking my throat anymore. it's like i've got 1 more not so ordinary experience under my belt now. oh yeh baby *muz do that ming's style.. as in BAYYYYY~~ BEH*

yep life goes on. juz finished a month at clinical. omg i was SUPER DEMORALISED. makes me wonder y do my profession even exist in this world??? oh yeh i have a long list of demoralising events.. gonna blog it sumday, if not i'll sure sound like a cheong hei aunty wif sagging boobs AGAIN.

juz hanging out my clothes which were left in the washing machine for 2 bloody nites! yes let's now dedicate the rest of my entry to hail my


i mean hopelessly forgetful.

woot hope mom doesn't read my blog. n omg let's hope that my colleagues won ask me where the unpleasant odor come from cos i 'm not gonna wash that pile of clothes again. *sniff sniff * ok pass. it doesn't stink when u r 25cm away from me.

n oh well, not gonna iron it cos i'm hiding underneath the labcoat moz of the time. save electricity che wa i'm such an environmentalist. my housemates act got culture shock that i nvr reli iron my clothes truout my life, n when i was in high skool i juz stack dictionaries (yes not kidding u, those thick thick ones where u can baling to the dogs n they pengsan straight away) over my pengawas pusat sumber uniform truout the whole nite, u know to give sum pressure juz so i get a wee bit of ironing effect w/o making any effort of ironing wth.

n oh wow... i act have culture shock that these ppl IRON THEIR JEANS. like... halo... it's juz jeans! haahaha.

n u know on mon frp tan kecik called to check if i'm supposed to do lunch call n the nx thing i know the myvi that was heading to 99 foodcourt was shaken by a loud AHHHhhhh SRY!

yep. exactly. i totally FORGET to do LUNCH CALL!!

for gudness sake how can i ever forget my shift? neurones degeneration i guess. n thank gudness frp here r reli kind souls n juz so happen that opd is aman damai that day so they don need a pro there. eeks tak tau malu. ok talk abt malu, there's another incident to share.

not only that i'm blur, my england is oso very poor. i used to pronounced waived as in wat if w/o the 't' like wa-eef... u know since my high skool days cos i tot i heard cs pronounced that way too eesshh tulah padah suka nak tiru org yg cakap mcm glamor sangat.

wahhhh... for all these yrs y no 1 ever have the courtesy to correct me?! WHY?!

until when i said that word in front of ming n ky, they both laughed their lungs out. oh yeh... so it's waived.. as in wave..

KAKAKAKKAKAKAKKA.*malu*. n the joke is that... ming reminded me that naive is stil... na-eef not.. nave...

BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! walau eh! halo. this 1 i know ok!

btw... evian, the so atas mineral water, when spelled backwards, is NAIVE. cool heh!

dunno leh... hahaha my uncle shared this wif me once upon a time.

ah looking at my room, green n pink n white papers over the floor. cp1, 2 , 3 flying all around when i on the fan. wat a sore but beautiful sight. not that i care to do any pharmaceutical care issues cos obviously there's none. n i've not reli made any intervention so far.. BOOOoooo. master of pharmacy degree hor.

law books r oso forever lying on the floor.. hogging for attn 'hey read me' wif it's bright violet cover but i juz don give a damn abt it's existence. forensics' on 23rd march n yawn yawn, adrenaline not pumping yet.

n oohh, i'l b presenting my research outline to js on fri. she told me to read up, give a brief account on intro, objective, literature review. i shud b able to define wat's daily defined dosage n y do v quantify antibiotics using this. oohh wow tot i'm NOT gonna study journals ever again after CPP... n then i got this cpe presenation on mid march on warfarin n the clinic... oooh wow march is not a gud month for me...

if sth as slien as Raf/MEK/ERK signalling cascade n erm generate new hits that target MEK1 using virtual screening can b done in 1 week, DDD for antibiotics sounds like it can b handled in a day. NO? i dunno. let's count how many "HARH?! U DUNNO AH?!" i'll get from js on fri keke.

ok stil no motivation yet.

don get me wrong i 'm all hardworking, responsible n serious at work, *yes yes i can c all frps nodding their head* juz that when i stress out i like to walk up n down aimlessly or termenung at the comp screen or go pee in the toilet *omg alwiz kena caught by cyee, which means she oso like to snake at the toilet hahaha*.

randomness aside.. my current life has been a weird ride so far. forget, forgot, forgotten. ah watever. i was alwiz caught by lil surprises here n there. i juz take it 1 at a time n go wif the flow. u know surprises like...

ahh... like... omg i have so many to list out. make that my nx post. i'm dead tired now. n i'm so excited! cos i know i'll b seeing pfong this weekend, n oso all my batchmates at johor! see ya guys!

oh wait this post was act written on feb 26th. tersambung wrong entry liao haha.

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